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Who is Everyone?

What are YOU giving away...

Think before you post!

Not all friends are the same!

Your profile is your own personal space.

Protect your contact details.

What about applications in Facebook?

Stop your photos and posts being included in search sites like Google...

You don't have to put up with people contacting you if you don't want them to.

Have you heard about the new settings in Facebook?


This site has been set up to help you take control of your facebook profile.

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Over the last month or so, Facebook has been prompting all users to review and update their privacy settings. This can lead to users allowing more access to their information than they intended - Facebook now sets privacy to ‘Everyone’ for information such as

  1. About me

  2. Family and relationships

  3. Work and education

  4. User created posts

So what does Facebook mean by ‘Everyone’ - The text below is Facebook’s definition of ‘Everyone’.

"Information set to 'everyone' is publicly available information, may be accessed by everyone on the Internet (including people not logged into Facebook), is subject to indexing by third party search engines, may be associated with you outside of Facebook (such as when you visit other sites on the internet), and may be imported and exported by us and others without privacy limitations.

"The default privacy setting for certain types of information you post on Facebook is set to 'everyone.' You can review and change the default settings in your privacy settings. If you delete 'everyone' content that you posted on Facebook, we will remove it from your Facebook profile, but have no control over its use outside of Facebook."

So how can we take control?

At the top of the page there are a set of links to different areas of privacy within Facebook that you may want to control. A suggested order to read through is shown below
  1. Preview your profile

  2. For Information!

  3. Setting up a friends list

  4. Profile information

  5. Contact information

  6. Applications & Websites

  7. Search information

  8. Block list